Let's Talk About Art Storage

August 7, 2017
Trevor Abram
Fine Art Services

Let's Talk About Art Storage

Martin&Martin Design Art Storage
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Worry-free Professional Art Storage

When it comes to your belongings, you want nothing but the best. When it comes time to store those belongings, you should never have to settle for less.

Whether you are looking for long-term storage, collection management, or a short term storage agreement, Martin&Martin’s 4,000 square foot, climate controlled facility is what you have come to expect in quality, technology and security. When the time comes for you to find storage for your precious belongings, our client managers are here to help and can arrange collections at your residence or office place, or even arrange for airport pickup for your international purchases. 

"Temperature and humidity are some of the most important aspects of storage. Cracks and warping are just two side effects of poorly stored artwork. Pack artwork in the orientation that it is to be displayed. Follow the directions either given by the artist or gallery to prevent mistakes. This will ensure that the art is stored properly and securely."

With transportation to our facility in one of our climate-controlled vehicles, your belongings will never be at risk in the ever-changing Texas elements. All along the way, your personal client manager will keep you informed of the location and status of your belongings. 

With Martin&Martin helping you with the management of your collection you can rest assured that your belongings are being housed in a state of the art storage facility with 24 hour off-site monitoring. With a twin unit climate control system, monitored through wifi 24/7, and an advanced, isolated security system, your items will be safe and cool for length of their stay.

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